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Classic dark chocolate cake

Mar 18, 2016 | Recipes

I admit it; I’m a cake lover. Luckily, I’m not a pâtissière, because I would eat a whole cake everyday! But not those made out of “mousse”. I’m quite traditional when it comes to the cakes. At this point, I don’t even care if there is any frosting or cream on it, I just love the taste of a real fluffy and spongy cake. I grew up eating olive oil cakes. I know, it sounds bizarre but believe me it’s delicious! In another post I’ll give my mother’s olive oil cake recipe but today it’s all about a classic chocolate cake, because I really was craving this since weeks.

A few weeks ago, my husband slipped and broke his leg when he was walking on an icy street. Since I have a very small family in Montreal (only my husband and my daughter), he is my biggest help and support in everything I do (as a chef restaurateur of two restaurants you can imagine how much support I can use everyday, especially in my personal life). When the accident happened, it felt like my life turned upside down, my priorities had to change. I knew it was temporary but still, it was quite difficult to process all these changes for someone like me who lives and works around the clock. Thanks to the devoted and hardworking team members of both my restaurants, I was able to spend time at home to take care of my husband. Then, two weeks later, my daughter had to go through a catheter ablation for her tachycardia (WPW syndrome, to be more specific). Even though the doctors were saying that it was a safe procedure, waiting for your child in front of a surgery room for 3 hours can be the longest time of your life! After a few days of her operation, she started to feel better and I needed a big, dark chocolate-y, comforting, indulging cake. And, I needed to make it myself and eat the half of it by myself! Here is the recipe of this lovely, tasty and comforting cake.


chocolate cake sliced

I made my daughter work for the photo shooting! Photo © Su Tarhan