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Simit a.k.a. Turkish Bagel

Jan 15, 2018 | Recipes

For years that I lived in Turkey, simit was my everyday breakfast when I was running to school or to work. Street vendors sell it in every corner of the cities or they walk through street by yelling “simiiiiit, sicak taze simiiit, gevrek simiit” meaning freshly baked, crunchy simits. I loved to wake up early in the morning by their simit selling chanting. When you hear it, you run to the window or balcony and yell him to stop and tell him how many you want. Either you jump on the street with still your pj’s on or he comes to door to bring your simits. Roasted sesames on the simit smells so good that gives you even more appetite. First thing is put the kettle on to make turkish tea, then slice a tomato, put the feta cheese, kasseri cheese and olives on the table and devour everything with warm, crunchy outside but soft and chewy inside simit. Oh, great memories!

It sounds like simit is eaten mostly for breakfast but we grab it anytime of the day as a snack when we are passing through simit bakeries or street vendors even if it’s second or third one for the same day.

Simit’s name, size, crunch and chewiness vary by region. In Izmir, where I’m from, we call it “Gevrek”, it means crunchy (because what it is!). Simit for us is a softer version of it. I believe, it makes a lot of sense…

Today, I’m making simit at home. Here is the recipe. Enjoy!


simit twisting
simit molasses
simit sesame
simit baked
simit baked