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Muhammara (Red Pepper and Walnut Dip)

Dec 30, 0017 | Recipes

It’s been a while I wasn’t here because of long hours of restaurant life. When I started to have a little time at home for few mornings a week, I came right back to give more love to my blog.

I wanted to post Muhammara recipe since quite a while, because, it’s the first recipe I wrote for my cookbook years ago and also very easy to make.

Muhammara is actually a meze but it’s easier to describe when we call it “dip/spread”! For me, it’s a must for a raki (arak) table with few other mezes but it’s so delicious you don’t have to wait an occasion to make it.

Muhammara is the most versatile dip that you can have in the fridge for every day! I like to give recipes that easy to pair with many things. It can be served with almost anything like grilled fish or meat or veggies or all by itself with a piece of bread or crackers… I also love to spread it generously on crusty sandwich bread with leftover roast chicken or turkey or lamb! Muhammara can become a staple of your fridge. It’s very easy to make and good for few days in the fridge.



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red peppers grilled
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